Our Rates

All our work is done in strict accordance to the SANS 10142 wiring code.


  • Free quotations will be given on all new work and contracts.
  • No quotation can be given on faults. Fault finding be charged at normal labour rates. A quote will be given on any repairs that needs to be done.

Standard Rates

  • Call Out - includes first hour's labour - R480
  • Rate per half hour or part thereof - R240

Transport Cost

  • No charge – within 20km from our Stellenbosch office
  • R4.50 p/km – distance over 20km from our Stellenbosch office

Property transfer inspections.

  • Certificate of Compliance – COC – Average House - R850
  • Certificate of Compliance – COC – Average Flat - R650

A report will be sent of all faults found (if any) to the person/estate agent/ conveyance attorney that requested the inspection together with a quotation for the repairs. This quotation will exclude the cost of the inspections done and will still be payable irrespective if the quotation is accepted or not.

On completion of repairs, the invoices and certificates will be forwarded to the conveyance attorney and a copy sent to the estate agent.

If repairs are done by the owner or another party and we are still required to give a certificate, a re-inspection fee will be applicable.